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Baby Lock Machines

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Every Machine purchase includes lessons on use! 
Machines purchased online are available for curbside pick up,
or call and schedule your lesson during an in-store pickup!

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Used Babylock Solaris


Babylock Solaris 2


Babylock Solaris


Babylock Altair Sewing and Embroidery

$7,999.00 $10,999.00

Babylock Meridian Embroidery


Babylock Aerial Sewing and Embroidery


Babylock Pathfinder


Babylock Crescendo


Babylock Aria


Babylock Triumph


Babylock Aventura II


Babylock Flourish II


Babylock Accord


Babylock Soprano


Babylock Lyric


Babylock Brilliant

$899.00 $1,799.99

Babylock Verve

$799.99 $1,299.99

Babylock Jazz II


Babylock Presto II

$699.99 $999.00

Babylock Accomplish

$999.00 $1,899.99

Babylock Jubilant

$499.00 $899.99

Babylock Sashiko 2 Hand Stitch Sewing Machine


Babylock Zeal

$299.00 $499.99

Babylock Joy

$199.00 $399.99

Babylock Zest

$149.99 $199.99

Babylock Victory


Babylock Accolade Serger


Babylock Acclaim Serger


Babylock Alliance Embroidery


Babylock Celebrate Serger


Babylock Coronet Quilter


Babylock Coverstitch only


Babylock Euphoria Coverstitch only


Babylock Intrepid


Babylock Valiant


Babylock Venture


Babylock Regalia and Kinetic Frame


Babylock Regent


Babylock Vibrant

$399.99 $799.99