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Sewing machines. What do I need?

You’ve been sewing, but think there might be more out there. You are right! The sewing machines of today are nothing like what you have known. Machine companies offer almost any tool and feature you can imagine. Let’s look at a few:
Automatic Tension
Did you know you can select a stitch and the machine can set the correct tension for you? Older machines had tension dials that were prone to loosing calibration. New machines can constantly adjust the tension to the project.
Automatic Threader
Push a button and it’s threaded. Enough said.
Needle stop up or down
Having the needle stop in the position you want is like having an extra hand. On long runs have it stop down so you can position your hands without losing your spot. Have it stop up to make moving around on your project easy and fast.
Boxed feeding systems
Older machines would rock the feed dogs in an arc to move the fabric forward. This means the feeder only had full contact with the fabric for a split second. The rest of the time was just an edge pulling your work. By having a boxed feed the feeder goes up even, makes its move, and drops even. You have to see the difference to believe it. Come in and try, or even use one with top feeding!
Top feeding systems
These systems not only feed the fabric from underneath, but pull it from the top too! There is no room for slipping, even on multiple or slippery surfaces. This is a must as far as we’re concerned.
Stitch Creation
It is possible to create your own stitch just by drawing it on the screen. Not that creative? Just take a stitch in the machine and alter it! Change placement of stitch points, make stitches repeat for density, and more.
Laser light guides
Always have a perfect seam allowance by projecting a laser on your work! Follow that line and be sure your lines are accurate and wonderful.
Projection cameras
You have the capability to project stitches and designs directly on the fabric! Audition the stitch or design before you sew it and decide if it gives the zing you are looking for.
On screen design creation
Take a childs drawing, scan it using the built in scanner or your smart phone, and create a new design! All on screen without the use of any computers or software. Lots of fun, and very personal too.
Feet, feet, feet
The number and quality of feet available dwarf the old days. By having the right tool your work improves drastically.
Did I mention feet?
You have the choice. You can get all of these features, or just a few. We recommend that you go to a store with a selection of machines and models so you can sew on them. Pick the one that best fits you. Ask questions and get to know the people at the store. They will be your first line of defense against problems you may have in the future. We have always recommended that you should buy the dealer first, then pick the machine that meets all of your needs. If you live near us please come in to try some machines and meet us. At Above and Beyond we all sew. We can answer questions about a machine, or also how to go about a project. The benefits of Above and Beyond are many. We look forward to seeing you soon!